Time to skill up and vacay with DUSA

March 19, 2019

Time to skill up and vacay with DUSA

Trimester 1 is full to the brim with amazing trips and short courses. Everything from surfing trips, to RSA courses, to self-defence workshops and Auslan courses. There is something for everyone, so without further delay let’s get stuck in.

T1 Trips

There are so many amazing trips on offer in T1 it’s hard to choose between them! Surfing trips, beach escapes, animal encounters and so many more, it’s a cornucopia of enjoyment this trimester. Who could resist our Phillip Island trip? The smallest penguins in the world will be there strutting their adorable stuff as you giggle in delight at their cute waddling Odyssey. Hand-feed kangaroos and other native wildlife, then get up close and friendly with koalas!

It’s going to be a blast and you’ll produce some­ serious FOMO with your pictures of all the cutie patootie creatures. Register here (Burwood / Geelong) by Thu 18 April.

 T2 Short Courses

We’ve got more short courses then you can shake a stick at coming up in T1.

Learn the recognised language of the Australian deaf community with DUSA’s Auslan sign language for beginner’s course. Learn how to sign to others socially or communicate for service providers. A myriad of possible options will be open to you after just four sessions across four weeks.

Or learn lifesaving skills with a First Aid level 1 or 2 qualification through DUSA. Learn essential skills such as CPR, allergic reactions, bleeding control, shock management and more! Even if there wasn’t an employability boost from this course, the skills could save your life or another person’s, and for less than $100, this course is a must have for pretty much everyone!

This is just the tip of the proverbial trips and short courses iceberg so make sure to go have a look at what’s on for yourself. With so many amazing options, we are positive you’ll find something keen to do and it may come with the added bonus of a new qualification. Get cracking and we’ll see you there!

Find our event calendar HERE

Student Artist Designs DUSA Travel Mug

March 15, 2019

Student Artist Designs DUSA Travel Mug

At DUSA, we’re all about giving students real-world experiences that enrich their University career and help them succeed at something they’re really passionate about. That’s why we couldn’t be more proud to shout it from the rooftops that our Travel Mug in the DUSA 2019 Membership Packs was designed by Melissa Bandara!

Melissa, currently studying a Visual Communications Design degree at Burwood, illustrated our Travel Mug and described it as an awesome experience to develop her skills.

“I’m super passionate about art, culture, creativity and technology. I have always had an interest in art and technology and therefore, I plan to pursue a career in the I.T field where I can use my art and design skills. Designing the DUSA travel mug for 2019 was a great experience and an awesome opportunity to view my hard work on a real world concept, something I can apply to my future design skills.”

We want to say a MASSIVE thank you to Melissa for all her hard work, we couldn’t be more thrilled with the design as we think it epitomizes DUSA perfectly!

If you’d like to drink your morning coffee in style, buy a Gold and Silver Membership today and you’ll receive one of these bad boys.

Perks of being a Student

March 14, 2019

Perks of being a Student

Being a student at university definitely has its challenges but it’s also one of the best periods of your life and has many perks. So, hold onto your hats, because we’re about to tell you why!

The Novelty of Adulting

Half the fun of being a student is moving into a more adult time in your life, more responsibility and more freedom than ever before. This means that even a slightly responsible decision has a delicious novelty. For example, paying a bill becomes less of a nagging worry and more of a financial manoeuvre made entirely by you! Even more so if you’ve moved out of home while studying.

The Safety Net is Still There

Luckily because you’re doing all this newfangled adult stuff for the first-time people are willing to cut you some slack if you make a mistake. Friends and family are always ready and willing to help you out too. With the added benefit of how impressed they’ll be by your ordered and proper life.

The Holidays

Enough with all the responsible stuff because real talk, those holidays boy howdy they are immense. Nothing is more satisfying then watching people heading to and from their daily lives while you’re kicking back channelling your inner sloth! Or seeing people who only have two weeks of Christmas leave while you have off the whole season of Summer. Or watching kids go to school knowing you don’t have to learn anything for a whole month because its inter-trimester break!

The Hours

Sweet Mary could anything in the universe be better then waking up at 10am every day? I doubt it. With proper time management your whole uni experience can be spent within the sweet hours of midday to five! It’ll never happen again so don’t take it for granted, enjoy those amazing mornings spent in bed and those stupendous late nights. Because when they’re gone, by everything holy, you’re going to miss them.

The Experiences and Mates

Student life has so many new things going on, it can almost be a bit overwhelming but luckily that’s the best part. With so many new ideas, opportunities and people you get to sample almost everything. Go out and enjoy all these new places, sights, sounds and tastes with a couple of new mates! You might even make some friends for life.

Being a Uni student is one of the best periods of your life so embrace every single part of it and to quote a very wise man by the name of Ferris Buller; “life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

OWeek came, OWeek saw and OWeek conquered!

March 4, 2019

OWeek came, OWeek saw and OWeek conquered!

Can you believe that 2019 OWeek is done and dusted? With parties, movies, rides, escape rooms, bowling and so much more, it was an epic five days! So epic in fact we thought we’d recount the legendary events all over again.

We started OWeek with a bang! Market Days at Burwood and Waterfront filled these campuses to the brim, buzzing with club stalls, live performances, roaming entertainment, awesome giveaways, and free food. Hundreds of new DUSA members got their hands on our 2019 Membership Pack and got their first taste of Deakin. Then we took the night home with the Glow Party, the Welcome to Geelong Party and the O’Fest at Warrnambool, all of which were absolutely stellar!

The second day of OWeek showed no signs of slowing down as Burwood’s second Market Day delivered the goods, whilst Geelong’s Market Day shimmied its way from Waterfront to Waurn Ponds with celebratory ease. Luckily the momentum only quickened in the evening with the Jungle Party and Glitz N’ Glam Party! But dance moves weren’t the only thing that were on blazing fire on Tuesday night with high scores being smashed at the Kingpin Games and Arcade Wars.

On the third day of OWeek my DUSA gave to me, another Market Day for Burwood, whilst pumping the tunes with delicious free food at Beats and Eats for Warrnambool and Waterfront. In the evening we rounded it all off with a first-ever OWeek event, Luna Park, which had more thrilling rides than you could shake a stick at!

Thursday was a massive evening with the machine, the myth, the legend Bumblebee gracing the silver screen at Burwood’s Outdoor Movie Night, meanwhile Geelong and Warrnambool were channeling their inner Sherlock Holmes with the Mystery Bus Tour! They rocked the themes hard core, from 80’s to tradies, all the costumes were just as imaginative as the last.

Our final day of OWeek capped off an amazing week with our Fun Day Out at Burwood and the Lockology 101 for Warrnambool. Burwood students enjoyed free food, live performers and spinning wheel games, and our Warrnambool cohort were testing their intellects escaping from Lockology rooms and crushing a game of ten pin bowling.

Our 2019 OWeek was incredible, we had so much fun creating then hosting all of these events and we hope you had just as much fun attending them. We’re excited to see what the rest of the year holds, and with such an amazing start we’re confident it can only get better. Cheers to 2019!

Ring in Trimester 1 with OWeek

February 21, 2019


Ring in Trimester 1 with OWeek

Get ready for a tremendous, stupendous and miraculous DUSA OWeek. We’ve got market days, arcade games, laser tag, bowling, rollercoasters and so much more!

What’s On at Burwood

At Burwood, we’ve got three jam-packed Market Days offering everything under the sun. From all our awesome clubs and societies, to free giveaways, to colourful performers and live entertainment, there is something for everyone.

Most importantly you can grab your DUSA membership and finally get your hands on that sweet, sweet bold burgundy beauty that is our 2019 hoodie. Oh, and we’re going to do it all again at Elgar Road for our Fun Day Out!

Next up we’ve got the royal contender, the Kingpin Games at Crown Entertainment Complex! Prove your bowling superiority, show off your amazing marksmanship with some laser tag or tackle the truest test of skill known to humanity; arcade games.

Then get ready for a literal dream come true with Luna Park exclusively open for Deakin students! Hit up the oldest continually operating roller coaster in the world with the Scenic Railway, prepare yourself for the afterlife with the Pharaoh’s Curse and if you dare, ride the Ghost Train (a ride so old it comes from a time before limits).

Relax and enjoy one of the latest blockbusters, Bumblebee, with us at our Outdoor Movie Night. Get ready for the return of the Volkswagen vengeance, the punisher of pollen, the welcoming wasp to a civil war that shakes the stars. Watch along with us as we all enjoy a movie that cracked over 90% on rotten tomatoes despite everyone’s expectations!

What’s On at Warrnambool

Will you be the one to smugly say ‘Elementary my dear Watson’ with our Lockology 101 event? Gather a group of super sleuths and get ready to attempt to escape the Lockology rooms. If you’re not a master criminal, then you can prove your skills in another arena – a game of ten pin bowling!

Get involved with Warrnambool campus life at O’Fest and enjoy market stalls, food and beverages, live entertainment and games! Of course, you’ll have the chance to explore clubs, teams and get your hands on the real and true prize; our gorgeous, glittering ruby hoody.

What’s On at Geelong

Geelong get ready, we wouldn’t dream of forgetting about you!

Prepare yourself for the modern-day Colosseum that is TimeZone and show people the error of their hubris as they eat your dust while you race ahead. Fight for the dignity of your team in laser tag and make your name immortal by claiming the high score in your chosen arcade games! Only one can achieve glory so, give it your all.

Immerse yourself in the history of the Old Geelong Gaol and experience what imprisonment would have been like as you attempt to escape a cell and solve puzzles! Then if you’re really game, go on the ghost tour and see what dark secrets can be uncovered. Dinner is provided too, so really, it’s just a great night all round! Unfortunately, this event is sold out but we hope all students who scored a ticket to this one have an epic time!

Come along and enjoy yourself at two massive Market Days, one for Waterfront students and the other for Waurn Ponds! Explore all our amazing clubs, sporting teams and maybe even make some new mates. Of course, you’ll be able to fulfil your number 1 priority too, getting your 2019 DUSA membership!

Then tie it all off with our chilled Beats and Eats event, coming to both Geelong campuses of course. Kick back as you enjoy a beautiful afternoon listening to sweet DJ tracks, grabbing some free lunch and bouncing between all our awesome on offer activities!

So, do yourself a favour and get on down to one of our amazing OWeek events. We promise, you’re not going to regret it.

Tips and tricks for your first Trimester

February 15, 2019

Tips and tricks for your first Trimester

Congratulations! You’ve smashed out high school like a total weapon, you’ve buffed up the social networks over the summer and now the time has come for your first Deakin University trimester.

But what next? Well, rest assured we’ve got you covered!

Tip #1 – Ask for Help

First things first, know that we’ve got your back, we want you to have the best university experience possible. From advocacy to course advisers, DUSA and Deakin are always ready and raring to give a helping hand to those who need it. To paraphrase the immortal words of Albus Dumbledore: “Help will always be given at Deakin for those who ask for it”. So, if you’ve got a question or need a hand just ask and we’ll come running!

Asking for help is amazingly therapeutic, nothing can beat that peace of mind that comes from having a definitive answer to whatever your question is. There is no shortage of people at DUSA and Deakin who are pleased as punch to help you out even with any questions. Head on over to the good old Student Central. Student Central has offices on all Deakin campuses and can be contacted by phone, in person or online six days a week.

Tip #2 – Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.

Secondly and the arguably most important tip we can share with you is that fortune favours the prepared. Everything (and we mean everything) in your time at University will go a lot smoother as long as you’ve prepared yourself.

Whether that’s study, leaving enough time to get to lectures or starting at least the foundations of your assignments early, it’s never going to be a bad move. Although it’s an annoying truth, the only thing you’ll gain from leaving things to the last minute is undue stress.

Tip #3 – Get Involved in Uni Life

Another tasty tidbit we can provide is to take advantage of your opportunities while at university. It might sound a bit basic but you’d be surprised how quickly you’ll be in your final years! Make sure to, if not join, have a look at joining a DUSA club or sports team. There are so many options across all campuses we’re confident you can find something you’ll enjoy. You’re guaranteed to make some lifelong pals and even gain some new skills so, make sure to peruse what’s on offer.

 Tip #4 – Relax

Our final tip is so simple but people always forget it – take time for yourself. Everyone needs to recharge from time to time and everyone relaxes in different ways. From taking a nap, to lazing about in your trackies with Netflix, to even defeating your online gaming foes, it’s all good! Make sure to take time for yourself and try to forget about your woes, because at the end of the day everyone needs a breather.

And there you have it, a few useful tips and tricks for your first trimester here at Deakin University. Although they seem obvious you’ll be surprised how helpful they can be. We wish you a very happy, fulfilling and healthy trimester.

Welcome to Uni!


Project X, Eat Your Heart Out

February 5, 2019

Project X, Eat Your Heart Out

OWeek 2019 

It’s big, it’s beautiful and boy oh boy it is back.

Get ready and steel yourselves for another immense OWeek with DUSA! We know the drill, you don’t come to these events to hold hands and sing kumbayah, you come to party. And luckily, that’s what we’re giving you in spades!

For all you Melbournian mad men and women we’ve got the Glow Party – one of the hottest parties of the year. Grab the full white kit well before Labor Day and rock some glowing accessories whilst we make sure you dance the night away at Alumbra with a collection of the mintest, tastiest and sweetest tunes.

But wait there’s more…it’s the Glitz N’ Glam Party! A night to bring out your best ensemble and jazz up the dance floor at Crown Casino. This is one of the biggest sell out nights of OWeek and we want to see your red-hot moves set fire to anything not on your level.

Don’t worry though, we wouldn’t dream of leaving our glorious Geelong girls n’ guys behind. Get ready to be welcomed in style because the Welcome to Geelong Party at The Deck is going to make you feel like we are welcoming you to the Pearly Gates. With another saucy set of tunes ready to be lit up we know it’s going to be an epic night.

Then prepare yourself to wake up some lions because no one’s sleeping in this jungle tonight. Unleash your inner animal in a totally responsible way that is conducive towards good times for all at the Jungle Party at Lamby’s! Get positively wild in some themed gear with some amazing tunes and enjoy yourself. Mufasa knows you’ll get some great insta’s from this one.

Everyone loves a good mystery and whilst it’s no Murder on the Orient Express we’re sure our Mystery Bus will enthral you all the same. Board one of 18 differently themed buses and bounce around to the best bars, pubs and clubs Geelong has to offer!

Worry not Warrnambool warriors because you’re not getting left out in the cold. In fact, we’ve got an evening of fun n’ sun planned! Make a splash at our Pool Party, even Poseidon is going to be jealous of the waves coming off this one. Get on your best togs and goggles for an awesome evening full of tasty tunes and summer vibes!

As you can see we’ve got a jam-packed party filled OWeek planned for you, it’s going to be in a word – MASSIVE. You’re not going to want to miss any of these top-notch events so keep an eye out when tickets go live on Wednesday 13 Feb and we’ll see you there!

Click here to check out all the events/prices. Discounts apply for DUSA Gold Members.


Market Days
Glow Party
Kingpin Games
Glitz N’ Glam Party
Luna Park
Outdoor Movie Night
Fun Day Out


Market Days
Welcome to Geelong Party
Arcade Wars
Beats and Eats
Jungle Party
Jail Break
Mystery Bus


Beats and Eats
Pool Party
Mystery Bus
Lockology 101

Join DUSA in 2019!

January 10, 2019

Join DUSA in 2019!

It’s a new year filled with new possibilities, new friends to be made and new opportunities. Energy and spirits are high and no one is more excited for 2019 than us here at DUSA!

But why are we so excited? Well, that’s because we’ve got a bucket load of goodies for 2019 that we know you are going to love. We’ve got new merchandise, sport, short courses, trips & tours and clubs galore for every interest under the sun.

Our 2019 Gold Membership pack features a bold burgundy hoodie, backpack, t-shirt, re-usable travel mug (illustrations designed by student, Melissa Bandara), wall planner and discounts.

GOLD $55

  • Hoodie
  • Backpack
  • T-shirt
  • Travel Mug
  • Wall Planner
  • Discounts


  • Backpack
  • Travel Mug
  • Wall Planner
  • Discounts


  • Wall Planner
  • USB
  • Discounts


We’ve also planned some awesome trips and short courses for the next coming months. Of course, O’Camp is back for another monumental two days with this year’s theme, Survivor. Run, slide and dive over 34 obstacles across a 5km course and before going headfirst into battle in the legendary DUSA colour powder fight! Feel the thrill of the fight and turn yourself into a literal rainbow all the whilst taking no prisoners.

But if that isn’t your cup of tea rest assured we’ve got plenty of short courses to suit your interests, including hospitality, life skills, vocational, languages and creative arts workshops. Or perhaps a surfing trip to Byron Bay is your calling?

For those sports fans out there, we’ve got you sorted too! From basketball and badminton to AFL and even E-Sports there is something for everyone with opportunities to play at social or elite level.

If you’re still not tempted to join DUSA 2019, then we’re going to have to bring out the big guns because we’ve got clubs, clubs and more clubs! There is a Dance Club, a Gamers Society, an Ultimate Frisbee Club, a Study Abroad Club, a Volunteer Society, a Drone Club – literally something for everyone! Better yet with your DUSA membership you will receive discounted prices on club membership.

Joining DUSA is a no brainer, so sign up or renew today, have fun and help us make your 2019 number 1!

10 Films of Christmas

December 18, 2018

10 Films of Christmas

Christmas time is when we rest and relax, catch up with family and cook enough food to feed a small nation-state. Christmas is also the time when we can cash in on all the amazing Christmas movies! So, with December well and truly upon us let’s get stuck into our top 10 recommendations.


#1: Love Actually

You’ve all seen it, you all love it and it really doesn’t get old. How could anyone go through Christmas time and not re-watch the titan that is Love Actually? Filled with love and loss, Love Actually is a must watch for every holiday season. Dance with Hugh Grant, cry with Liam Neeson and learn Portuguese with Collin Firth – it’s all there for you to enjoy. Even if none of us will ever forgive Alan Rickman for betraying Emma Thompson.


#2: Die Hard

An 80’s aesthetic, a young Bruce Willis takes on Alan Rickman. Watch as puckish rouge, John McClane, infiltrates, fights and shoots his way to his final confrontation with Hans Gruber; all whilst slinging his iconic repartee. With the whole event taking place at the Nakatomi Plaza Christmas party it’s the perfect addition to your holiday season watch list.


#3: The Santa Clause

Tim Allen has done some fine work but none of those compare to his seminal Christmas film, the Santa Clause. If a man killing Santa by accident then gaining his magical powers isn’t enough to peak your interest then the wholesome family vibes will. Enjoy as ‘Scott Calvin (a.k.a Santa Claus) finds love in his heart and brings a merry Christmas to children around the world, especially his own.


#4: The Muppet Christmas Carol

The tragic fact about the Muppet Christmas Carol is that Jim Henson died half way through production but that didn’t stop the film from being filled to the brim with Henson’s trademark charm, wit and emotion. The Muppet Christmas Carol takes the viewer on an emotional rollercoaster and finishes with one of the most elating happy endings of all time. With Kermit the Frog as Bob Cratchit and Michael Caine as Ebenezer Scrooge, the Muppet Christmas Carol is sure to be a good watch these, or any, holidays.


#5: Elf

Will Ferrell is a comedic genius, but with his 2003 Christmas hit Elf he showed us a sensitive and jolly side. Elf provides a sleigh full of laughs and meaning; a father finds his son, a son finds his father and both learn the true meaning of Christmas and family. After all there’s no better way to learn the meaning of Christmas then singing ‘Santa’s Coming to Town’ in Central Park to fuel Santa’s sleigh.


 #6: The Grinch

You might not be celebrating Christmas in Whoville but with this classic tale turned live action film we can all celebrate with those determined denizens. Those Who just love Christmas, so much so that they won’t even let Jim Carey in a green fur suit stop them from ringing in the season. Faced with such cheer and the innocence of a child Jim Carey has little choice but to realise by the end of the film that “Christmas doesn’t come from a store” and that, “perhaps … it means a little more”.


#7: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Skeletons and Christmas aren’t usually something that goes together but a Nightmare Before Christmas melds them perfectly. Jack Skellington explores and adores Christmas town throughout the film only to end up realising the holiday isn’t always merrier on the other side. Filled with music, romance and a little bit of horror, a Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic film for all ages. But it’ll have you singing “What’s this?” for weeks though, so be careful.


#8: Gremlins

Ah Gremlins, the gift that keeps on giving. These mischievous monsters broke onto the silver screen back in the 80’s and have been a Christmas stable ever since. Known for its macabre humor and delicious inversion of usual Christmas film themes, Gremlins is a great film – as long as you watch it before midnight. After all, what Christmas is complete without some mad Furby-looking beats terrorizing a small town?


#9 Lethal Weapon

Christmas is all well and good but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved, and what could improve Christmas more than Danny Glover and Mel Gibson stopping a criminal syndicate during the holiday season? The answer – nothing. Lethal Weapon has the magical balance of grit, action and Gary Busey to make an amazing 80’s police film, and with Christmas all around, the stakes are even higher! Rest assured you ain’t never getting too old for this…stuff.


#10 Batman Returns

Batman and Christmas? It sounds like an off the wall holiday special but it’s not; it’s the 1992 classic Batman Returns. With Michelle Pfeiffer, Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito, this movie offers a Batman before the Bales and provides a dark, almost fantastical version of the caped crusader. Batman Returns shows us all how the scourge of evil never sleeps, even on a silent night and that justice sometimes requires Robin and black rather than Rudolf and red.


With our Christmas movie selections in hand you’ve got no excuse to not be jolly. So, get your tree up, whack a wreath on your door and get comfy to enjoy some of humanity’s best forays into the world of Christmas cheer. We promise you won’t regret it!

The Boomers have done it again!

October 29, 2018


The Boomers have done it again!

This weekend past the Deakin Melbourne Boomers brought home an impressive on the road victory against the Canberra Capitals. The Boomers looked deadly from the outset and held a 22-20 lead after the opening 10 minutes. This was on the back of resident hot shot Steph Talbot (17 points) and strong inside support from Ezi Magbegor (15 points).

Not ones to relax though the Boomers took their lead to 10 points by the half even despite the Cap’s valiant defense.

With the Canberra crowd urging their team onwards in the third quarter the contest became even fiercer but the Boomers still held their lead, pushing it to as much as 19 points. The Boomers also finished the quarter with great stats on their players with Lindsay Allen at 17 points, Cayla George at 12 points, and Maddic Garrick at 12 points too.

In the final quarter, the Cap’s fought on, aggressively attempting to claw their way back. This was helped by 40 visits to the charity stripe across the game, where the Boomers covered 30 attempts. Resulting in a Boomer victory at 84 to 78.

The Boomers now sit at 2-2 and return to Melbourne. In the next round, the Boomers will play away to Dandenong before returning to the State Basketball Centre on Cup Eve to meet Bendigo.

If you want to come along and support the Boomers you can grab your discounted tickets from the DUSA Bookshop at Deakin’s Burwood campus.

(Photo credit: Michelle Couling Photography)