Join DUSA in 2019!

January 10, 2019

Join DUSA in 2019!

It’s a new year filled with new possibilities, new friends to be made and new opportunities. Energy and spirits are high and no one is more excited for 2019 than us here at DUSA!

But why are we so excited? Well, that’s because we’ve got a bucket load of goodies for 2019 that we know you are going to love. We’ve got new merchandise, sport, short courses, trips & tours and clubs galore for every interest under the sun.

Our 2019 Gold Membership pack features a bold burgundy hoodie, backpack, t-shirt, re-usable travel mug (illustrations designed by student, Melissa Bandara), wall planner and discounts.

GOLD $55

  • Hoodie
  • Backpack
  • T-shirt
  • Travel Mug
  • Wall Planner
  • Discounts


  • Backpack
  • Travel Mug
  • Wall Planner
  • Discounts


  • Wall Planner
  • USB
  • Discounts


We’ve also planned some awesome trips and short courses for the next coming months. Of course, O’Camp is back for another monumental two days with this year’s theme, Survivor. Run, slide and dive over 34 obstacles across a 5km course and before going headfirst into battle in the legendary DUSA colour powder fight! Feel the thrill of the fight and turn yourself into a literal rainbow all the whilst taking no prisoners.

But if that isn’t your cup of tea rest assured we’ve got plenty of short courses to suit your interests, including hospitality, life skills, vocational, languages and creative arts workshops. Or perhaps a surfing trip to Byron Bay is your calling?

For those sports fans out there, we’ve got you sorted too! From basketball and badminton to AFL and even E-Sports there is something for everyone with opportunities to play at social or elite level.

If you’re still not tempted to join DUSA 2019, then we’re going to have to bring out the big guns because we’ve got clubs, clubs and more clubs! There is a Dance Club, a Gamers Society, an Ultimate Frisbee Club, a Study Abroad Club, a Volunteer Society, a Drone Club – literally something for everyone! Better yet with your DUSA membership you will receive discounted prices on club membership.

Joining DUSA is a no brainer, so sign up or renew today, have fun and help us make your 2019 number 1!

10 Films of Christmas

December 18, 2018

10 Films of Christmas

Christmas time is when we rest and relax, catch up with family and cook enough food to feed a small nation-state. Christmas is also the time when we can cash in on all the amazing Christmas movies! So, with December well and truly upon us let’s get stuck into our top 10 recommendations.


#1: Love Actually

You’ve all seen it, you all love it and it really doesn’t get old. How could anyone go through Christmas time and not re-watch the titan that is Love Actually? Filled with love and loss, Love Actually is a must watch for every holiday season. Dance with Hugh Grant, cry with Liam Neeson and learn Portuguese with Collin Firth – it’s all there for you to enjoy. Even if none of us will ever forgive Alan Rickman for betraying Emma Thompson.


#2: Die Hard

An 80’s aesthetic, a young Bruce Willis takes on Alan Rickman. Watch as puckish rouge, John McClane, infiltrates, fights and shoots his way to his final confrontation with Hans Gruber; all whilst slinging his iconic repartee. With the whole event taking place at the Nakatomi Plaza Christmas party it’s the perfect addition to your holiday season watch list.


#3: The Santa Clause

Tim Allen has done some fine work but none of those compare to his seminal Christmas film, the Santa Clause. If a man killing Santa by accident then gaining his magical powers isn’t enough to peak your interest then the wholesome family vibes will. Enjoy as ‘Scott Calvin (a.k.a Santa Claus) finds love in his heart and brings a merry Christmas to children around the world, especially his own.


#4: The Muppet Christmas Carol

The tragic fact about the Muppet Christmas Carol is that Jim Henson died half way through production but that didn’t stop the film from being filled to the brim with Henson’s trademark charm, wit and emotion. The Muppet Christmas Carol takes the viewer on an emotional rollercoaster and finishes with one of the most elating happy endings of all time. With Kermit the Frog as Bob Cratchit and Michael Caine as Ebenezer Scrooge, the Muppet Christmas Carol is sure to be a good watch these, or any, holidays.


#5: Elf

Will Ferrell is a comedic genius, but with his 2003 Christmas hit Elf he showed us a sensitive and jolly side. Elf provides a sleigh full of laughs and meaning; a father finds his son, a son finds his father and both learn the true meaning of Christmas and family. After all there’s no better way to learn the meaning of Christmas then singing ‘Santa’s Coming to Town’ in Central Park to fuel Santa’s sleigh.


 #6: The Grinch

You might not be celebrating Christmas in Whoville but with this classic tale turned live action film we can all celebrate with those determined denizens. Those Who just love Christmas, so much so that they won’t even let Jim Carey in a green fur suit stop them from ringing in the season. Faced with such cheer and the innocence of a child Jim Carey has little choice but to realise by the end of the film that “Christmas doesn’t come from a store” and that, “perhaps … it means a little more”.


#7: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Skeletons and Christmas aren’t usually something that goes together but a Nightmare Before Christmas melds them perfectly. Jack Skellington explores and adores Christmas town throughout the film only to end up realising the holiday isn’t always merrier on the other side. Filled with music, romance and a little bit of horror, a Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic film for all ages. But it’ll have you singing “What’s this?” for weeks though, so be careful.


#8: Gremlins

Ah Gremlins, the gift that keeps on giving. These mischievous monsters broke onto the silver screen back in the 80’s and have been a Christmas stable ever since. Known for its macabre humor and delicious inversion of usual Christmas film themes, Gremlins is a great film – as long as you watch it before midnight. After all, what Christmas is complete without some mad Furby-looking beats terrorizing a small town?


#9 Lethal Weapon

Christmas is all well and good but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved, and what could improve Christmas more than Danny Glover and Mel Gibson stopping a criminal syndicate during the holiday season? The answer – nothing. Lethal Weapon has the magical balance of grit, action and Gary Busey to make an amazing 80’s police film, and with Christmas all around, the stakes are even higher! Rest assured you ain’t never getting too old for this…stuff.


#10 Batman Returns

Batman and Christmas? It sounds like an off the wall holiday special but it’s not; it’s the 1992 classic Batman Returns. With Michelle Pfeiffer, Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito, this movie offers a Batman before the Bales and provides a dark, almost fantastical version of the caped crusader. Batman Returns shows us all how the scourge of evil never sleeps, even on a silent night and that justice sometimes requires Robin and black rather than Rudolf and red.


With our Christmas movie selections in hand you’ve got no excuse to not be jolly. So, get your tree up, whack a wreath on your door and get comfy to enjoy some of humanity’s best forays into the world of Christmas cheer. We promise you won’t regret it!

The Boomers have done it again!

October 29, 2018


The Boomers have done it again!

This weekend past the Deakin Melbourne Boomers brought home an impressive on the road victory against the Canberra Capitals. The Boomers looked deadly from the outset and held a 22-20 lead after the opening 10 minutes. This was on the back of resident hot shot Steph Talbot (17 points) and strong inside support from Ezi Magbegor (15 points).

Not ones to relax though the Boomers took their lead to 10 points by the half even despite the Cap’s valiant defense.

With the Canberra crowd urging their team onwards in the third quarter the contest became even fiercer but the Boomers still held their lead, pushing it to as much as 19 points. The Boomers also finished the quarter with great stats on their players with Lindsay Allen at 17 points, Cayla George at 12 points, and Maddic Garrick at 12 points too.

In the final quarter, the Cap’s fought on, aggressively attempting to claw their way back. This was helped by 40 visits to the charity stripe across the game, where the Boomers covered 30 attempts. Resulting in a Boomer victory at 84 to 78.

The Boomers now sit at 2-2 and return to Melbourne. In the next round, the Boomers will play away to Dandenong before returning to the State Basketball Centre on Cup Eve to meet Bendigo.

If you want to come along and support the Boomers you can grab your discounted tickets from the DUSA Bookshop at Deakin’s Burwood campus.

(Photo credit: Michelle Couling Photography)

2018 UniSport Nationals Div 1 Results & Recaps

October 25, 2018


2018 UniSport Nationals Div 1 Results & Recaps



Women’s Basketball


Women’s AFL

Open Lawn Bowls

Men’s Ultimate Frisbee

Women’s Ultimate Frisbee


Men’s AFL

Mixed Netball

Women’s Softball


Cheer & Dance

*SILVER MEDAL – Level 2 Co-Ed Cheer Team

*SILVER MEDAL – Open All Girl Group Stunt Team


Men’s Table Tennis


Women’s Tennis

Women’s Swimming

*SILVER MEDAL – Isabella Symons (50m Backstroke)


Women’s Water Polo

Mixed Beach Volleyball (*DIV 2 SILVER MEDAL)


Men’s Beach Volleyball (*DIV 2 4th Place)
Men’s Rowing


Women’s Athletics

Women’s Athletics

*SILVER MEDAL – Rachel Limburg (100m Hurdles)

*BRONZE MEDAL – Rachel Limburg (Shot Put)


Men’s Athletics

*SILVER MEDAL – Liam Procaccino (400m)


Men’s Fencing (Individual Epee) – Kory Nguyen

Well done on a fantastic week Deakin Dragons!!! ???

Thursday 27 Sept (Day 4)

Day 4 was an epic one, where our Deakin Dragons soared to the Finals and competed with blood, sweat and tears for a chance to wear a bronze, silver or gold medal around their necks. And they certainly didn’t disappoint! The highlight of the day was the nail-biting Women’s Basketball match that saw our dynamite team win by just 3 points, an incredible achievement.

The unwavering support and constant cheering from the sidelines saw our teams win the below medals:


Women’s Basketball


Co-Ed Level 2 Cheer Team
Open All Girl Group Stunt
Mixed Fours Beach Volleyball
Liam Procaccino (400m)
Rachel Limburg (100m Hurdles)
Isabella Symons (50 Backstroke)


Women’s AFL
Open Lawn Bowls
Men’s Ultimate Frisbee
Women’s Ultimate Frisbee

Congratulations to all Deakin Dragons for all your commitment, hard work and camaraderie – how lucky we are to proudly wear the colours of blue and green!


Wednesday 26 Sept (Day 3)

The QLD sun finally peaked its glorious head over the clouds today for an action-packed Day 3 at the UniSport Australia Nationals Div 1 Games. And although the muscles are sore and stiff, our Deakin Dragons were determined as ever to soar into the Finals.

Men’s AFL had a roaring comeback winning all games today, as did Women’s AFL who’ll both play in the Semi-Final tomorrow morning at 9am. Let’s hope they can both pull through and play with ferocity, skill and team spirit.

Women’s Basketball are having a cracking week, winning both games, and are now flying into the Gold Medal Match tomorrow at 1pm. This game will be live streamed so if you want to watch our Deakin Dragons slay, click here.

Mixed Beach Volleyball also have their eyes on the prize winning 2-0 against ACU and SCU, and will fight for the Championship title tomorrow at 1pm, whilst Men’s Beach Volleyball will play in the Bronze Medal match at 12noon. Lawn Bowls didn’t win either games today but they still have a chance to taste victory in a Bronze Medal match at 12.45pm tomorrow.

Women’s Softball have proven, once again, they are a force to reckoned with, winning both games with flying colours. They’ll be ready to swing their bats into action at the Semi-Final tomorrow at 11am.

Men and Women’s Ultimate Frisbee have competed exceptionally well, with both sides giving it 110% every time. They’ll compete in the Bronze Medal match at 9.30am and we have no doubt there’ll be plenty of cheering for this dynamic crew!

Speaking of cheering, our flying Deakin Cheer squad took the stage last night and won two Silver Medals – ‘Deakin Flame’ in the Co-Ed Cheer category and ‘Deakin Ignite’ in the All-Girl Stunt category. And in the wise words of Bring it On, “Toros Dragons sure are number one!”

And can you believe it? Out Athletics Team also won two more silver medals today – Liam Procaccino in the 400m and Rachel Limburg in the 100m Hurdles. Congratulations, what a fantastic achievement for you both.

Tomorrow will be the biggest day of the week and we hope to see mountains of green and blue on the sidelines, cheering on their teammates to victory. Let’s do this, Dragons!


Tuesday 25 Sept (Day 2)

It was an overcast sky that welcomed our thunder of Deakin Dragons on Day 2 of the UniSport Nationals Div 1 Games, but despite the lack of sun, there was no chance the smiles were disappearing off our faces!

The Women’s Softball team started their day early and batted off at 8.30am against UTS, winning 8-1. Their second match was less victorious but after spending five minutes in their dugout, you’d have no idea they were losing. The positive team morale, sportsmanship and camaraderie is awe-inspiring and is a true testament to the character of a Deakin Dragon.

AFL Men’s and Women’s competition was intense with both teams bringing out the big guns, but unfortunately, they couldn’t compete with their opponents. Hopefully, they’ll have a roaring comeback in the last few days and put forward their best ‘don’t argue’ moves.

The Women’s Basketball team are dominating the court, celebrating a blinding win against USC with a 31 point lead, whilst Beach Volleyball ‘Fours’ won 2 out of 3 games in the heart of Surfers Paradise. Not too shabby for a Melbourne crew!

The Lawn Bowls team, mostly comprised of students who’ve had zero to little experience, are actually doing surprisingly well and won 2 out of 3 games today. Keep up the fantastic work, gents. Whilst on the other side of town, universities are struggling to keep up with our undefeated Mixed Netball team who had another fantastic win against UNSW, winning 49-30. Is it too early to cue the Marching Band yet?

It was a long day for Men’s Table Tennis who unfortunately lost in the morning, but redeemed themselves in the afternoon with a nail-biting defeat against USYD. Yay! The Women’s Tennis team also kept their spirits bright, as did the Women’s Water Polo who beat arch rivals, Melbourne University in the morning.

Ultimate Men’s Frisbee played with heart and soul but couldn’t secure a win today, but never fear, because the Women’s team is currently undefeated with a track record of six consecutive wins. Tomorrow, they go head-to-head with ANU, the other undefeated team, so in true Dragons spirit, let’s rally behind them and bring the fire.

And to follow that fantastic news, we also had our first medal today with Isabella Symons winning Silver in the 50m Backstroke. Congratulations, Isabella!

Tomorrow will bring another epic day, with highs and lows no doubt, as well the highly-anticipated Cheerleading Aesthetics Competition in the evening. It’ll be there where we’ll finally witness the rumours…the Deakin Dragons really can fly.


Monday 24 Sept (Day 1)

Mondays can be boring, long and tiresome, but today, was hands-down, no arguments, an awesome Monday. Because when you’ve got over 160 Deakin students and staff spread out across the Gold Coast, decked out in blue and green, cheering each other on until their throats hurt and playing a sport that they absolutely love, there’s guaranteed no case of Mondayitis.

Indeed, the first day of the UniSport Nationals Div 1 Games kicked off with a bang with teams and individuals scattered from one end of the coast to the other, playing with grit, determination and fire.

Men’s Table Tennis started early to set the pace, dominating LTU with 11-0, but then had a setback later in the day against UQ. Women’s Basketball, coached by Div 2 Premiership player, Mitchell Stoop, also had an unfortunate loss in the morning but came back surging to win 49-31 against WS. Likewise, Women’s AFL lost in the morning to Melbourne rivals, RMIT, but then came back with a tackling hunger to pocket a 40 point lead against UTS.

Men’s AFL didn’t fare too well unfortunately and lost both games, but we’re positive they can turn the tables on Day 2 and bring that Deakin Dragons fire we all know so well. Same goes for Men’s Beach Volleyball who didn’t win either, however Beach Volleyball ‘Fours’ was strong and came out with two wins.

Women’s Tennis unfortunately lost both their games, as did Women’s Waterpolo. Women’s Ultimate Frisbee had a massive day playing 3 games and proved they’re a force to reckoned with, undefeated so far! Men’s Ultimate Frisbee had a nail-biting game against UQ but the Dragons proved, once again, their tenacity and determination to win.

Additionally, Mixed Netball had a cracking game against MQU, winning 50-34, whilst the Women’s Softball dominated both their matches against NDA and UQ. And surprisingly, Lawn Bowls came out victorious with 3 consecutive wins, whilst there were also some fantastic individual performances in Athletics and Fencing.

So, as you can see, it was a mixed batch of ups and downs, but the one thing that remains consistent throughout all these sports is the infectious team spirit. You can’t walk past a match without hearing a Deakin Dragon cheering on their teammates – encouraging, coaching and supporting. Not only is it a brilliant thing to witness, it makes you proud to wear the colours of a Deakin Dragon.

Now time to rest and massage those muscles, Dragons, because we’ve got another massive day ahead of us. Live updates on Day 2 coming to a screen and Instagram near you. Go Dragons!


Sunday 23 Sept

The shining sun was beckoning us as we descended onto the Gold Coast for the beginning of the UniSport Div 1 Games, where we’ll watch the best of the best student athletes across Australia fight to the death. Okay, maybe that’s a tad dramatic but we are the Deakin Dragons after all! And when we fight, we fight with everything we’ve got.

After getting over the initial shock of the sun rays hitting our vitamin D starved Melbourne/Geelong skin, we settled into our accommodation lodges at the renowned Sports Super Centre in Runaway Bay before hitting the conference room for a meet and greet presentation with DUSA staff and team captains.

And what would a presentation be without at least one inspirational speech? Well, low and behold, we were fortunate to hear from one of the very best – an Olympic Medallist swimmer and a former Deakin Dragon, Brooke Hanson.

Her story was, and still is, incredible; demonstrating resilience, perseverance, dedication, leadership, hope, and above all, a passion for swimming that never distinguished. To read more about Brooke’s story and wise words, click here.

Next up, the fun part – DREAMWORLD. We’re a big believer in building relationships to make a team stronger and more connected, and Dreamworld is part of that equation. Yes, it’s a theme park, and yes, it is buckets of fun, but it is also an opportunity for all the Deakin Dragons to meet people outside of their degree and learn more about other sports. Everyone loved getting into their new groups and embarking on a challenge, and hey, there’s nothing like team building than bonding over that post-queasy feeling after the Pandamonium Kug Fu Panda ride.

But with all that excitement and anticipation, we hope our stomachs sette for tomorrow – Day One of the UniSport Nationals Div 1 Games. Let’s do this Dragons!

Stay tuned for more updates, coming to a screen near you…

YES, School’s Out! But, Now What?

October 25, 2018

schools out

YES, School’s Out! But, Now What?

With the first glorious rays of spring sunshine peeking through the clouds we all know summer holidays are getting close. But as exciting as summer holidays are, well they are as long as the sun is hot, we’re here to provide some suggestions with what you could do with yourself.

As tempting as it is to chill out on the couch and indulge hours and hours of Netflix (who else feels mildly judged when they ask ‘Are you still watching?’ btw) there are some other great alternatives!

Let’s start out easy. Since you’ve got all this free time it’s the perfect opportunity to attempt some new recipes. Fool around with some culinary ideas you’ve had sizzling away and go find some new ones. You’re going to be eating anyway so why not discover a hidden talent while you’re at it?

In between your meals, however, you’re going to need a few day time activities. After all, the days are getting longer again and it is always a pleasure to be outside on a balmy evening.

If you fancy a bit of hands-on action, why not try a new craft? Crafts can be as cheap or as expensive as you make them, and with so many on offer, you’re bound to find something that will tickle your fancy.

From knitting to painting, to scrapbooking, to writing, to even woodworking there is something for everyone. Let’s also not forget the added bonus that all these crafts can be sold for stone cold cash. Pro tip, a great place to sell your crafts is Etsy; who aim to be an online flea market. Have a look here:

Summer also provides a fantastic opportunity to explore and enjoy the great outdoors. Maybe you’ve been eyeing off a sport or a physical goal all year and this is the perfect time to follow up on it. Even if you’re not the sporty kind, the weather will be perfect for walking and taking in some of Australia’s beautiful wilderness.

There are hundreds of outdoor adventures for all levels of fitness so have a look while the goings good. Check out these suggestions:

With all these tips and the ideas you’ve already been thinking of, you’re in for an amazing summer. But remember to try something new and enjoy this beautiful, blissful, relaxing and study-free time.

It’s a once in a year opportunity, and hey, the tans might fade but at least you’ll have awesome memories forever!

We Want Your Help! Contract Cheating Research Study

October 18, 2018


We Want Your Help! Contract Cheating Research Study

Have you faced an Academic Integrity allegation?

Did your allegation involve Contract Cheating?

How did you find the whole process?

We are looking for students who have received an allegation of Contract Cheating from T2 2017 onwards to take part in a DUSA/Deakin research project.

Our research project is looking at the Student Experience of Contract Cheating Allegations and will help us improve support for students throughout the whole process.

All we ask is that you have a chat with one of our team so we can record your experiences. Anything you tell us will be treated confidentially and will be anonymised. Taking part in this research won’t affect anything between you and Deakin or DUSA.

If you are over 18, have had an allegation of Contract Cheating and are willing to talk to us, email or contact the DUSA Research Coordinator by email at or by phone on 9246 8648.

What is Contract Cheating?

Contract Cheating can include:

• Buying an assignment
• Selling your assignment
• Completing an assignment for another student
• Asking someone else to do your assignment
• Uploading your assignment to a website to access other assignments or study notes.

If you need advocacy assistance with any Academic Integrity issues visit

2019 Student Council Announced

October 18, 2018


2019 Student Council Announced

The new Student Council for 2019 has been announced! With a spread of students from all Deakin campuses this council is ready to be the voice of students and commence their leadership roles in 2019 with enthusiasm, gusto and passion! All 14 positions have been filled and are as follows:

President: Jean-Marc Kurban

Vice President: Tegan Whitten

General Secretary: Amogh Chakravarthy

Assistant General Secretary: Kristen Warren

Education Officer: Hamish Whitten

Welfare Officer: Josh McFarlane

Community Engagement Officers: Maryam Hasanova

Social Engagement Officer: Tiarnan Cleary.

Queer Officer: Vanessa Agar

International Officer: Alex Zhang Wang

Burwood Campus Coordinator: Sushant Manajan

Cloud Campus Coordinator: Bethany Carter

Geelong Campus Coordinator: Emily Kennedy-Davis

Warrnambool Campus Coordinator: Louise Cairney

Don’t forget this Student Council is voted by you, for you, so your engagement is critical. With your support, it’s sure to be an amazing tenure for the 2019 Student Council and the entire Deakin student cohort. Well done, all!

Olympic Medallist Brooke Hanson Inspires our Deakin Dragons on Day 1

September 24, 2018

Brooke Hanson DUSA

Olympic Medallist Brooke Hanson Inspires our Deakin Dragons on Day 1

“When there’s a will, there’s a wave.”

Those were the awe-inspiring words of Brooke Hanson, our ‘Chef de Mission’ at the 2018 UniSport Australia Div 1 Nationals, and it was those words that will resonate with our army of Deakin Dragons as they prepare to fly into the world of elite university sport.

Brooke, a swimmer since the ripe age of 4, loved being in the water throughout her entire life and in her unrelenting drive and passion to pursue her goals, she brought home a silver medal from the 2004 Olympics in the 100-metre breaststroke and a gold medal as part of the Australian 4 x 100 metre medley relay.

Several weeks later, Hanson competed at the World Championships in USA where she won an astonishing six gold medals, five of which were for individual events. A remarkable accomplishment for a Deakin Dragon.

Yes, you read that right, Brooke was a former Deakin University student athlete!

She studied a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Journalism, and like a true Deakin Dragon, Brooke breathed fire into the pool during her studies and refused to give up, despite a missing out on qualifying for the Olympic Swimming Team, not once, but twice!

Her third attempt, a victory, saw her travel halfway across the world to Athens where she finally felt that winning feeling on the podium.

“I wanted to win a medal for my country so bad! It was my lifetime goal and I was determined to do anything and everything to get there. I even gave up alcohol, chocolate, ice-cream and cheese for a year! Now that’s commitment. But it paid off, because perseverance is power and not only did I qualify for the Olympic 2004 team, I even made the Leadership team. I led by example and they could see that.”

Brooke said she’s thrilled to be back at the UniSport Nationals, where once upon a time, she was too slaying competition with the Deakin Dragon spirit.

“I am so excited to be back here amongst all the action and watch everyone compete with integrity, teamwork, innovation and positive team morale. My 3 tips to be a top performer is great attitude, skills and knowledge – that’s what you need to focus on at your competition.

“You need to live for the sport, connect with your teammates, and most importantly, treat this whole experience as the Olympics. It took 22 years of listening to my inner voice, and never giving up hope that one day, I could become a champion, and if you believe it too, then you’ll go far.”

So, there it is Dragons, the top 3 tips from the legendary Brooke Hanson, 1) Great Attitude; 2) Skills and 3) Knowledge. Now, go fight fire with fire and roar the stadium down!

Good luck, Dragons.

More social updates and live blogs coming soon from sunny QLD!

The Deakin Dragons are Ready to Breath Fire at UniGames

September 20, 2018

Deakin Dragons Uni Games

The Deakin Dragons are Ready to Breath Fire at UniGames

Listen up, sports fans, the time has come once again for the UniSport Nationals Div 1 competition!

Hundreds and hundreds of students across Australia, formed from the best of the best of the 2017 UniSport Games will battle it out this weekend from 22 – 27 September, and over 160 of these athletes will be Deakin students.

Oh, you better believe you read that right; the event is nigh! Soon enough our Deakin Dragons will put their best foot forward in a glorious effort to taste that sweet, sweet victory.

Deakin will be competing in Women’s Basketball, Men’s Beach Volleyball, Mixed Beach Volleyball, Cheer and Dance, Men’s Fencing, Open Lawn Bowls, Mixed Netball, Men’s Rowing, Women’s Rowing, Women’s Softball, Women’s Swimming, Men’s Table Tennis, Women’s Tennis, Men’s Ultimate Frisbee, Women’s Ultimate Frisbee and Women’s Water Polo. So, as you can see, there is a veritable Olympiad soon to take place on the Gold Coast!

Olympic swimmer Brooke Hanson will accompany the team as the Chef de Mission. She’ll be acting as a positive role model for the team, providing motivational speeches and inspiring the student athletes to do their best.

Our athlete, coaches, trainers and staff have worked hard to get into Division 1 and they mean to stay there. Proving this some of our teams are going back as the reigning champs, just like the Women’s AFL team who brought home the gold in 2017!

But our paragons of physical virtue can’t do it alone and they’ll need your support to ensure their domination. Show your fervent comradery by congratulating any of your fellow students who you know will be competing. The support will mean the world to them.

With fire in their hearts, and steel in their veins, we will use our own good will to galvanise our Deakin champions for their trials ahead. Good luck to everyone, we know you’ll make us proud! Together…we can be champions.

For more info visit:

DUSA Bookshops in 2019

September 19, 2018


DUSA Bookshops in 2019


The DUSA Bookshop is embracing the digital age!

Open for business 24/7, the new and improved DUSA Bookshop website (coming soon to a screen near you) will feature enhanced navigation and browsing capabilities, as well as a Click & Collect service and alternative payment options.

From 2019, our newly revamped online Bookshop will be the primary retail outlet for the Waterfront, Waurn Ponds and Warrnambool campuses, with the physical stores officially closing their doors at the end of 2018.

The Burwood store will remain as is…unchanged and awesome!

You can still purchase all your textbooks, medical aids, general fiction, giftware and stationery, with options to either collect on campus or be delivered to a nominated address.

We will continue to review our pricing so it remains competitive, and want you to know that whatever you buy from the new online DUSA Bookshop will continue to go straight back into student events and services. Pretty great, right?

Have we won you over yet? Because here’s the kicker!

There will also be free postage (subject to a minimum spend) and some fantastic online promotions. And as always, our incredible staff will be here to help, guide and assist you.

We’re very excited to introduce our re-imagined online Bookshop, and together with the Burwood store, will continue to provide the best customer experience we can, ensuring you have the right textbook, at the right price, in the right way. That will never change. Because you, the students, are the backbone of everything we do and stand for at DUSA.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above, please don’t hesitate to drop by one of our Bookshops to speak to our friendly staff or email your question to

From DUSA.