Election Fever

August 15, 2019

Election Fever

Campaign fever is about to hit our campuses with the return of the annual DUSA Student Elections!

The right to express your interest via ballot is a crucial part of Australian society and Deakin is no different. Your vote highlights your ability to create a positive change at University, whilst empowering others to do the same.

The Deakin University Student Association (DUSA) 2019 Elections will be held from Monday 16 September 2019 to Friday 20 September 2019 for the following positions:

17 Burwood Campus Electoral Delegates; plus

1 Burwood Campus Coordinator;
1 Women’s Representative;
1 Queer Representative;
1 Postgraduate Representative;
1 International Representative;
1 Events and Activities Representative;
1 Clubs and Societies Representative;
1 Diversity and Belonging Representative; and 1 Accessibility and Services Representative

11 Geelong Campus Electoral Delegates; plus

1 Geelong Campus Coordinator;
1 Women’s Representative;
1 Queer Representative;
1 Postgraduate Representative;
1 International Representative;
1 Events and Activities Representative;
1 Clubs and Societies Representative;
1 Diversity and Belonging Representative; and 1 Accessibility and Services Representative

5 Warrnambool Campus Electoral Delegates; plus

1 Warrnambool Campus Coordinator;
1 Student Engagement Representative;
1 Accessibility and Services Representative;
1 Diversity and Belonging Representative; and 1 Equity Representative

6 Cloud Campus Electoral Delegates; plus

1 Cloud Campus Coordinator;
1 Student Engagement Representative;
1 Accessibility and Services Representative;
1 Diversity and Belonging Representative; and 1 Equity Representative

National Union of Students (NUS) Delegates

Seven (7) positions

All positions will have their own role to play in managing and assisting the student community at our University. So, it’s important you flex your unalienable right and vote!

Nominations will open at 9:00am Monday 26 August and close at 4:00pm Friday 30 August 2019. Only student members of DUSA are eligible to nominate and vote for the Student Representatives for the campus for which they are enrolled.

Nomination Forms are available at any DUSA office, on the Elections page of the DUSA website or by contacting the Returning Officer. Cloud Campus students do not need a seconder for their nomination.

Nominations from all campuses must be scanned and emailed direct to the Returning Officer – james@argentelections.com.au or alternatively the returning officer will be available from 3pm at the DUSA Office in Building H, at Burwood Campus on the final day of nominations. 

Polling Times and Locations: 

Warrnambool campus

Monday 16 September
9.30am – 2.30pm

Geelong (Waterfront) campus

Monday 16 September & Tuesday 17 September
10.00am – 3.00pm

Geelong (Waurn Ponds) campus

Monday 16 September & Tuesday 17 September
10.00am – 4.00pm

Burwood campus

Wednesday 18 September, Thursday 19 September & Friday 20 September
10.00am – 4.00pm

Elgar Road campus

Wednesday 18 September
10.00am – 3.00pm

The Student Council is here to advocate for you – the students – and will endeavor to assist you in matters that are affecting your welfare or experience at Deakin University. For more information about the 2019 DUSA Elections, please visit our Elections webpage.

Bat above your average at howsafeisyourcar.com.au

July 31, 2019

Bat above your average at howsafeisyourcar.com.au

I don’t know about you, but when I was looking at getting my first car, I gave it a thorough check to make sure it has a vaguely functioning coffee holder, somewhere to plug my aux chord and didn’t smell like wet socks. I might have even checked to see if it has an engine (or at least a hunk of metal under the hood that looked like it could turn petrol into me getting a drive-thru burger at 3am because my stingy sister bought the cheap plane tickets which meant I had to pick her up in the middle of the night).

The point is, for us P platers, the safety of a car isn’t always front of mind when buying a car, we just want something that starts. Luckily, safety is no longer a luxury saved for ultra-wealthy people with hyphenated last names, it’s accessible to us regular folk via a little website called howsafeisyourfirstcar.com.au.

This easy-to-use website lets you find the perfect car for your budget and taste, safe in the knowledge that every car on howsafeisyourfirstcar.com.au has a 4 or 5 star ANCAP safety rating. This means you can focus on the cup holders, aux chord and sock smell (or hopefully lack thereof) without forfeiting safety!

Now you might be thinking, “Why do I need a safe car? My mate Dave drives an ‘82 station wagon that’s actually two different cars welded together and he’s never had a crash.” But the unfortunate reality is, we’re overrepresented in Victoria’s crash statistics even if Dave’s story is “honest to god”. As young drivers we make up 25% of all driver fatalities or injuries despite only accounting for 12% of all drivers on the road. As much as maths isn’t my strong suit, that statistic sucks for us, our friends and every other generation of young people that has had to deal with it. However, it’s within our power to buck the trend.

No longer do you have to settle for a car nicknamed ‘The Deathtrap’ by Cars Magazine 1993. No longer do you have to snatch that bargain from your cousin’s friend’s friend who is trying to offload his ute for “no particular reason”. No longer do we have to be over represented in the road statistics simply because of the faulty hardware we’re forced to buy because of our meagre budgets.

So, check out howsafeisyourfirstcar.com.au and you’ll see, curtain airbags, ABS or even a complete set of functioning seatbelts aren’t luxuries anymore, they’re as common and basic as a morning television host. No matter your budget, there’s a 4 or 5 star safety rated car for you. Your friends will thank you, your generation will thank you, your future self will thank you (I might thank you too but I gotta go pick up my sister from the airport again).

Deakin Dragons success in Taiwan

July 30, 2019

Deakin Dragons success in Taiwan

Recently our Deakin Dragons Women’s Basketball team made their way to Taiwan competing in the Buddha’s Light International Association (BLIA) Cup in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The BLIA cup invites men’s and women’s university basketball teams from to celebrate cultural exchange through sport and compete on an international stage in front of an arena hosting 30,000 spectators and broadcasted across Asian TV channels including Fox Sports!

MVP, Carly Vuillermin taking a shot against Humber College

The Dragons team were the sole team representing Australia and were competing against eight teams from around the world in a round-pool and crossover competition format. Teams included Taiwan, United States of America, Canada, China, Philippines and Japan.

The Deakin Dragons showed immense defensive pressure and adaptability on the court in their round-pool games, with the TV commentators praising their resilience and ability to adapt to the high humidity and heat in Taiwan at the time (something us Melbournians aren’t accustomed to!). Through the first four days of competition we played East China University of Science and Technology, Humber College (Canada) and the home team Fo Guang University (Taiwan). Recording two heart stopping one-point wins against Canada and East China, the Dragons secured themselves a place in the semi-final taking on reigning BLIA Cup champions Nagoya Gakuin University (Japan).

Team captain Neehara Ravikumar led the team’s defensive efforts aided heavily by Andrea Belmonte who both recorded a number of steals and assists.

Ravikumar also made the top 5 plays of Day 1 of the tournament with an incredible three pointer to seal the Dragons win against East China in the last few seconds of the game.

Deakin Dragons at the   Fo Guang Monestary 

The Dragons headed into the semi-finals as crowd favourites knowing they would have to put up a strong defence against the reigning champs to secure a spot in the grand final against home team Fo Guang University. Despite a strong performance on the court, Japan showed their agility and accurate shooting against the Dragons walking away with the win.

A strong presence under the ring was consistent throughout the tournament led by team MVP Carly Vuillermin and Victoria Sumskas who recorded high numbers of rebounds throughout the tournament, becoming known for their ruthlessness under their ring.

University of North Colorado were the Deakin Dragons final opponent in the Bronze Medal match, but unfortunately UNC showed their experience in playing high pressure US College Basketball taking a lead early in the game that the Dragons were unable to come back from.

The Dragons passion and spirit was well highlighted throughout the tournament by other teams, coaches and commentators with the team bringing home a trophy for their successful fourth place.

Deakin Dragons accepting their 4th place trophy at the BLIA Cup

The Deakin Dragons Basketball team would like to thank AND1 for providing the team with our best uniform yet plus slides and basketball sneakers that were well worn throughout the trip especially through our sightseeing days which included tours of the Fo Guang Monastery where our accommodation was located, as well as on Cijin Island and through the Pier 42 Art District.

The Dragons players, coaches, trainers, and staff would like to also thank the BLIA cup staff, volunteers and spectators for their support, generosity and invitation to compete against some of the best university teams from around the world!


T2 Trips & Short Courses with DUSA

July 26, 2019

T2 Trips & Short Courses with DUSA

Here at DUSA we’re committed to giving students some of the best out of uni experiences we can provide. Through trips and short courses we aim to give additional qualifications to students whilst also providing a fun experience. We’ve got a whole tonne lined up for T2 and beyond, so here’s a little taste of what’s to come!

There’s nothing better than a cheeky getaway, whether it’s just for a day or even longer; it’s always nice to escape the hustle and bustle of life once in a while. To that end T2 has been jammed packed with trips. Only a week ago we had our Moonlit Wildlife Sanctuary Wildlife trip, where students got to enjoy hand feeding kangaroos and wallabies. Students were even lucky enough to get a little bit of cuddle time with adorable Koalas.

Coming up on August 20 we’ve got our Mt. Buller Snow Day. After leaving from either Burwood or Geelong campuses, Students will be taken via bus through wine country and then to the winter wonderland that is Mt. Buller. You’ll be able to explore the Alpine Village, make your very own snow man, enjoy a delicious hot beverage, enjoy the immense vistas and of course ski or snowboard. We’ve got to admit we’re pretty excited for this frosty festival of fun!

If you’d like to see more Trips click here.

Short Courses
Extra qualifications are always a great addition to your resume and we’re happy to help, that’s why we host short courses covering all the bases. This trimester alone we have short courses and seminars covering a veritable cornucopia of subjects. Just over the horizon we’ve got a Self Defence course on August 6, First Aid level 1 and 2, RSA/RSF combination course and that’s just in the next few weeks!

Later on this trimester we have Certificates in Leadership, First Home Owners Seminars, CPR, Barista Courses and other courses you’re more than welcome to undertake; just to name a few.

If you’re interested and would like to see what other short courses we have on offer, or just want to sign up for one mentioned above click here.

We’re pleased as punch with what’s coming up in T2 and we hope you are too. All our Trips, Tours and Short Courses are up on our website so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for what’s coming up next!

Our Dragons journey in Taiwan

July 17, 2019

Our Dragons journey in Taiwan

Game 1 v. East China Science and Technology University  

Today the Deakin Dragons Women’s Basketball team made their international debut at the 2019 Buddha’s Light International Association (BLIA) Cup in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The BLIA Cup offers universities from around the world the chance to compete on an international stage against some of the best teams from various countries.

The Deakin Dragons today took on East China Science and Technology University in what proved to be a nail-biting game. The Dragons clinched a 1 point victory in the final seconds of the game with captain Neehara Ravikumar sinking a three-pointer with just 8 seconds to go.

The undersized Deakin Dragons and East China spent the first half fighting for the lead with East China having standout performances from several key players who were vital in scoring three pointers in the first half. The Dragons managed to fight back throughout the first half with Phina Newton managing several key steals and intercepts securing vital points up on the scoreboard.

Andrea Belmonte’s presence was felt strongly throughout the game with the Dragons taking advantage of her defensive pressure and speed.

At half time with the Dragons leading by just 2 points, the team came out firing for a strong third quarter taking a significant 13 point lead at the break. Carly Vuillermin was the star of the third quarter, with a dominant display under the hoop finishing with 16 points for the game and 7 rebounds.

Heading into the final quarter the Deakin Dragons had a comfortable 13 point lead, but East China came out tough using their bodies to drive into the key. Victoria Sumskas was a standout throughout the game, offering the girls a consistent presence finishing with 18 points.

With five minutes to go East China took the lead and looked to be coming home strong leading by 4 points with just 50 seconds to go. Used to being the underdogs the Dragons stepped up their game and fought back utilising a combination of incredible defensive pressure and a three pointer from the captain to secure their first win for the competition in the dying seconds of the game.

The team were ecstatic to win their first game on international soil, with Coach Mitchell Stoop saying “A fantastic first game today for the dragons. First quarter nerves on the big stage were expected but turned around quite by ¾ time. There was some massive shots from East China’s Number 12 with three big 3 pointers in the fourth, leading a great comeback effort from them. The Dragons showed huge resilience being incredibly disciplined in the last minute to finish the game. We’re still yet to see our full potential and we look forward to taking on Humber tomorrow.”

Next up the Deakin Dragons will take on Humber College from Toronto, Canada at 12pm AEST Wednesday 17 July.

Keep track of the team’s progress and travels throughout Taiwan at @YourDUSA and @DeakinDragons on Instagram and Facebook.


Deakin Dragons 15     26     48     66

East China          13     24     35     65


Game 2 v. Humber College

In what ended as another nail biting game the Deakin Dragons managed to defeat Humber College from Toronto, Canada by a single point at their second game in the BLIA cup in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Humber College headed into the game determined to get their first win on the board after a defeat at the hands of home team Fo Guang University on Tuesday, the Deakin Dragons again the underdog were looking to build on their winning form and secure an early spot in the finals.

The Deakin Dragons looked too strong for Humber heading into the half time break with a comfortable 12 point lead. Zoe Scott and Phina Newton led the charge both with 8 points while Andrea Belmonte continued to find a way to get into the key to create scoring chances.

Great defensive pressure from Dani Calvisi and Phina Newton resulted in a number of steals and turnovers rattling Humber College’s offensive drives.

The third quarter of the game saw a massive comeback from Humber College scoring 20 points to Deakin’s 7. Taking the lead into the third break Humber’s Ivana Twumasi was a force to be reckoned with scoring 14 points throughout the game including three 3-pointers helping to secure Humber a one point lead going into the final break.

The pressure was felt by the Deakin Dragons with Humber taking a 5 point lead early in the final term, but persistence and calm heads under pressure resulted in the Dragons fighting back in the final minutes to take the lead.

Carly Vuillermin was a true Dragon under the net recording 12 rebounds.

With just 7 seconds to go the Dragons led by one point with Humber in possession, incredible defensive pressure and determination led them to victory despite Humbers intensity and persistence.

Neehara Ravikumar finished the game with 11 points with Newton and Calvisi also proved to be consistent scorers with 10 points each.

Captain Ravikumar said at the end of the game “I am really proud of the girls for bringing it home in back-to-back one point wins. We’re really looking forward to seeing how we match-up against the home team on Friday.”

A massive shout-out to the New Zealand coaches for providing some great support in the crowd and Milo snack bars post-game!

You can rewatch the game here: http://bit.ly/2JG3vKh

The team will play their third game against the home team Fo Guang University at 5:50pm AEST, the game will be televised on Fox Sports and streamed live, the link will be posted on the Deakin Dragons Facebook Page.

Keep track of the team’s progress and travels throughout Taiwan at @YourDUSA and @DeakinDragons on Instagram and Facebook.


Deakin Dragons    20    39     46    59

Humber College   13    27     47    58


Game 3 v Fo Guang University 

In a tough day on the court for the Deakin Dragons they took on the Taiwanese home team Fo Guang University. Fo Guang came out firing in the first half of the game with four national players helping to give them a comfortable lead of 19 points at half time.

Despite the Dragons incredible defensive pressure and strong second half there was no stopping Fo Guang who dominated throughout the game showcasing their depth with xx 3-pointers.Fo Guang’s #5, #6 and #32 were unstoppable on the court recording 30 points between them, and 100% accuracy in three pointers.

Fo Guang took a steady lead in the second quarter from a burst of three-pointers which aided in boosting their margin heading into half time.

Whilst the Dragons finished the game losing 61-83 the score was not reflective of the close game on the court, with defensive pressure held strong across the board with the team banding together in the third quarter to shut down Fo Guang’s three-point shooters.

The Dragons changed tactics heading into the third quarter and showed incredible defensive pressure and strength under the ring with Carly Vuillermin recording a game high of 22 points.

Andrea Belmonte and Dani Calvisi were fierce in defence, with Phina Newton recording 15 points despite only playing 24 minutes.

Victoria Sumskas was strong on the rebound recording 6 rebounds and 8 points.

Post-game the team headed to their Buddha’s Light Night where they had dinner with the 15 other teams competing at the tournament as well as VIPs and event volunteers. The Dragons performed an incredible rendition of Home among the Gumtrees led by Maddie Brown who had choreographed the routine to perfection complete with props and a beautiful voice.

The Dragons finished second in their pool of four progressing them through to the semi-finals where they will play Japan who finished first in pool A.

The Dragons will be back on the court in the semi-finals against Nagoya Gakuin University from Japan on Saturday 20 July at 7:20pm AEST, the livestream of the game can be found here: https://bit.ly/2YguJiu

Deakin Dragons             17      22     40     61

Fo Guang University     27      41     62     83


Game 4 v. Nagoya Gakuin University (Japan)

The Deakin Dragons went down to the reigning BLIA Cup Champions Nagoya Gakuin University in the semi-final in what was a well fought game. The reigning champs took an early lead in the first quarter which unfortunately was too big of a lead for the Dragons to come back from. The resilience and determination displayed by the Dragons impressed all watching but they unfortunately faced a team with incredible shooting accuracy and speed!

The Dragons showed great defensive pressure throughout the game but struggled with a day of inaccurate shooting heading into half time with 30 shots and only 11 resulting in scores. At the main brak Carly Vuillermin had 5 rebounds, and Victoria Sumskas and Andrea Belmonte led the scoring both on 5 points.

Japans accurate shooting helped them throughout the game to maintain a consistent lead on the Dragons with Ayana Nakayama scoring 19 points and Seika Yano with 18 points. Japan were also great on the defensive rebound (25) resulting in several turnover scores.

The Dragons finished the game going down to Nagoya Gakuin University (Japan) by 28 points. Scoring was again consistent from Belmonte (12), Sumskas (10) and Phina Newton (10) who also had 8 rebounds.

The Dragons will now play off for the bronze medal at 11:50am AEST against the University of North Colorado from the USA.

Nagoya Gakuin University           27    45    69    90

Deakin Dragons                             15     28    47    62


Game 5 v. University of North Colorado

Taking on University of North Colorado in the Bronze Medal game of the BLIA championship the Dragons looked to be well matched by North Colorado who played a very similar style of basketball relying on rebounds, driving into the key, and strong defensive pressure.

Belmonte, Scott and Sukurica were strong on the court but unable to match North Colorado’s shooting and defensive precision. North Colorado showed their experience playing US college basketball adjusting their defensive pressure to outplay the Dragons and minimizing their shots on goal.

Heading into the main break North Colorado held a comfortable 16 point lead led by Abby Kain and Alisha Davis both scoring 10 points in the first half.

Danielle Calvisi was a standout for the Dragons finishing the game with 14 points, 7 rebounds and 3 steals. Carly Vuillermin was again strong under the ring recording 8 rebounds.

North Colorado’s shooting accuracy and strong defensive pressure led by Kain (18 points, 17 rebounds) halted the Dragon’s scoring opportunities resulting a final score of 79-34 with North Colorado winning the Bronze medal, and the Deakin Dragons finishing 4th in the Buddha’s Light International Association Basketball Cup.

Team Manager Sheridan Nicol spoke to the team at the end of the game highlighting how proud she was of the team for coming together and finishing fourth of eight international teams with minimal training and hard playing conditions including heat and humidity.

The Dragons finished the tournament fourth of eight competitors only losing to the three teams placed above them. Carly Vuillermin was awarded the Deakin Dragons team MVP and was praised for her behaviour and consistency on and off the court, as well as a stand out game against Fo Guang University.

North Colorado University          14    37    57    79

Deakin Dragons                              8     21    28    34

The Dragons would also like to thank the team at And1 Australia for their support throughout the competition and for the incredible uniform, sneakers and slides helping the team to get through the heat and tournament. The team were kitted out in their Attack Low White Sneaker and the Haven Slides. Check them out online here: https://and1.com.au/

Deakin Dragons to Breath Fire in Taiwan

July 9, 2019

Deakin Dragons to Breath Fire in Taiwan

The Deakin Dragon Women’s Basketball team are about to soar on wings of fire to conquer the BLIA (Buddha’s Light International Association) Cup University Basketball Tournament in Taiwan! From July 16 – 21 the Dragons will be competing at the world-renowned Kaohsiung Arena against teams from Canada, China, New Zealand, the Philippines, Taiwan and the United States.

Led by Head Coach, Mitchell Stoop, the girls were invited to the tournament after they took out the UniSport Australia Nationals Div 1 Championship in 2018 in a nail-biting game against the highly-touted UTS team that had all spectators on the edge of their seats!

Sheridan Nicol, DUSA Sport Operations Coordinator and our very own Mother of Dragons said: “We couldn’t be more excited to attend the BLIA Cup. It is a great opportunity for our students to play on an international level and exchange cultures, tactics and ideas with teams from around the world.”

The BLIA Cup University Basketball Tournament is designed to celebrate sport cultural exchange and to offer university athletes an opportunity to compete on the world stage; even being televised throughout Asia.

The teams will be kicking off their exciting overseas adventure with a press conference on July 15, before stepping on to the court. And of course, they’ll be playing in style with brand new gear and kicks by new DUSA partner, AND1, who specialise in basketball shoes and clothing.

After their stellar performance last year at the Uni Nationals Div 1 event, we’re certain that the Deakin Dragons will live up to their name and dominate the tournament with talons of skill and wings of fortitude. Good luck girls!

This trip was made possible by a joint collaboration between Deakin University and DUSA.

Top 10 Movies

July 5, 2019

Top 10 Movies

With rain and sleet now pouring from the heavens at a moment’s notice there is no better time to grab a blanket and get cosy on the couch and with our list you’ll have hours of content to enjoy. But with over a hundred years of film on offer it’s hard to choose, so we’ve narrowed down our 10 favourites to help you out!

Number 10: Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back
The biggest plot twist since Romeo and Juliet makes its appearance at number 10 on the list with the Empire Strikes Back! Star Wars is iconic and many of us have sweet memories of watching the originals as children but who could forget the most critically acclaimed of them all? Find out who Luke’s father is, watch the assault on Echo Base, grip the edge of your seat with the most suspenseful lightsaber duel of all time. To sum it up, Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back is impressive, most impressive.

Number 9: Love Actually
Easily one of the best romances and Christmas movies ever, Love Actually is a show stopper. Feel your heart grow with Colin Firth, know the squad will always have your back with Bill Nighy, know regret with Laura Linney and feel unstoppable rage in defence of Emma Thompson. You’ll laugh, cry and feel every other emotion under the sun with Love Actually, and with its wintery theme, it’s perfect for this time of year.

Number 8: Good Will Hunting
Will Hunting is a janitor at M.I.T who has a gift for mathematics but needs help from a psychologist to find direction in life. Starring Matt Damon and the wonderful Robin Williams, Good Will Hunting will bring a tear of joy to your eye. Showing the importance of family, direction and letting go, combined with a poignant exploration of love and loss, Good Will Hunting is always an amazing watch or re-watch.

Number 7: Silence of the Lambs
The movie that gave the world its most iconic version of Hannibal Lecter graces our list at number 7. Silence of the Lambs follows Clarice as she is interwoven into a deadly game of cat and mouse between the FBI and wanted murderer, Buffalo Bill, whilst also dredging what information she can from notorious serial killer Hannibal Lecter. With multiple satellite films set in the same universe Silence of the Lambs opens up additional hours of viewing. But before you watch Red Dragon watch the movie that made fava beans taboo and enjoy this absolute classic thriller.

Number 6: Terminator 2 Judgement Day
One of James Cameron’s classics, Terminator 2, is the quintessential sci-fi. Follow John and Sarah Conner as they seek to alter a future that appears to be set in stone only to be hunted by murderous machines from the future. Luckily, their defences get an upgrade with their own terminator the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger. But will Arnie be enough to stop the new and improved liquid metal terminator? Find out in Terminator 2 Judgement Day.

Number 5: Fight Club
Based on the 1996 novel, Fight Club follows Edward Norton and Brad Pitt as they establish an underground fighting ring with terrifying results. Fight Club asks heavy questions and does its best to provide the answers, becoming more of an artistic statement by the narratives end. Even without the amazing twist at the end Fight Club is a great re-watch or first-time watch, no questions asked. But you better not talk to anyone about it.

Number 4: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
Get ready for the film that gave birth to one of the most legendary characters of the past decades, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Jump in for a wild ride as Indiana and the gang travel the world in search of the legendary Ark of the Covenant and battle their way through the growing storm of WWII. Full of fun, action, adventure and timeless moments, Indiana Jones is always a good call.

Number 3: The Godfather
98% on Rotten Tomatoes, 9.2 on IMDb and 100% on Metacritic, the Godfather is widely regarded as one of the greatest films of all time and would rock a high distinction no worries. Watch this quintessential American story following the fall of Mafia Godfather Vito Corleone and the rise of his son and heir Michael Corleone. Filled to the brim with amazing cinematography, acting and charm, The Godfather is a must watch for anyone. The sequel is also just as amazing, only to be let down by part 3 but to quote Meatloaf; “two out of three ain’t bad”.

Number 2: Titanic
She was the largest moving object ever built, the pride of the White Star Line, the Titanic. James Cameron’s amazing re-telling of the tragic sinking is a great story of passionate romance and the sorrow that comes from losing it. Follow Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as they steal your heart and each other’s’ only to realise that love knows no socio-economic level. Titanic is an absolute classic even if there was room enough on that door for two.

Number 1: Shawshank Redemption
One of the top contenders for the best movie ever and our pick for this list; Shawshank Redemption. If you’re yet to watch this absolute classic then you need to get on it because Shawshank will make you laugh, cry and cheer – sometimes at the same time. Shawshank will also teach you that math is an amazing skill to have and can legitimately save your life in some circumstances.

Doctor, Doctor Give Me the News!

July 4, 2019

Doctor, Doctor Give Me the News!

Are you thinking about undertaking one of DUSA’s short courses? Well, here’s a snapshot of our First Aid Level 2 course we recently held in Geelong to whet your appetite. Deakin student, Hope Challis, is here to tell us all the details!

Why did you decide to sign up for this course?
I decided to sign up for the First Aid Level 2 course as I believe that everyone should know how to do basic first aid. Also, I figured it would be a great addition to my resume and a helpful skill set. As an Occupational Therapy student, I’ll be working in a health-related field once I graduate, so I thought it was important to have this skill set.

What was the best part of the course?
The best part of the First Aid Level 2 course was the hands-on practical part of the course. It really allowed us to consolidate the theory part of the course in a safe, calm setting. My favourite part would have to be using the defibrillator devices on the dummies.  We worked in teams to provide first aid to the dummy, each of us taking on different roles and taking turns doing CPR.

What was the most challenging part of the course?
There wasn’t any particular challenging moment per se, but it was intimidating knowing you’d have to recall all this information in an emergency situation.

Did you find the course a positive experience?
Yes, it was a really good experience and taught me so much, at least now if an emergency strikes I’ll know what to do. The course leader was very friendly and had a great sense of humour, which made learning about these tough topics and scary situations a lot easier.

Why do you think it’s important for students to experience short courses?
It’s important for students to get involved in short courses as it is an easy and convenient way to learn new skills. Short courses let you have fun, meet people, add something to your resume and are often run on campus. DUSA offers many different short courses so there is something for everyone.

What’s your favourite thing about DUSA?
The thing I love most about DUSA is the sense of belonging you get from being involved in DUSA’s events. This year is my first year at university, which was really daunting but through volunteering with the DUSA Red Shirts at events such as Wellness Week and attending O’Camp and OWeek, I really felt welcome into university life.

As Hope said, we’ve got short courses for every interest. So, grab a look on our website and sign up for a course that interests you today! After all, it could be a lifesaver.

Join DUSA for your Chance to Win!

June 28, 2019

Join DUSA for your Chance to Win!

If you’ve been seeing all our DUSA competition winners and feeling some hard-core FOMO then don’t worry, there’s always another opportunity for you to win lurking around the corner.

But where does one find about such wondrous prizes and riches? Our social media channels of course! All the information you need is always provided on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and to be eligible, all you need to do is be a DUSA member.

There’s no doubt that this year’s competitions have been next level. We’ve given students the opportunity to soar like Superman with a free tandem skydive, a fresh pair of wheels with Lekker Bikes, a Google Home Mini, movie passes to the latest blockbusters, musical tickets to Muriel’s Wedding, comedy tickets, an exclusive private screening, bookshop vouchers, festival tickets to Spilt Milk, Netflix vouchers and more. The list goes on!

And right now, we’re hosting a design competition for the 2020 Student Diary front/back cover, with a whopping $500 cash prize.

All of these competitions are featured on our social media pages, so if you want the latest and hottest goss on our competitions, then follow us on Facebook and Instagram pronto. For the mere click of a button you could win yourself an amazing prize, and we’re more than happy to give it to you! That’s our game at DUSA. Ensuring your membership is as valuable, fun and memorable as possible.

So, zoom online now and follow us @yourdusa for your chance to stroll down winners lane.

5 Easy and Rewarding Tips for a Plastic Free July

June 28, 2019

5 Easy and Rewarding Tips for a Plastic Free July

Earn rewards this July by living green! We all know that plastic is a huge problem for our environment, but there are lots of small, easy things we can do to make a big difference. Earn GreenMoney points with better plastic habits this July, then redeem your points for gift cards, free coffees, discounted movie tickets and more on GreenMoney Whitehorse! 

  1. Keep plastic bags out of the recycling bin

Remember to keep all soft plastics out of recycling bins. This means cling wrap, single-use shopping bags, food wrappers and other plastics that can be scrunched into a ball. These can be recycled in REDcycle bins, or even better – ditch them completely with some of the reusable alternatives below. 

Earn 50 green points 

  1. Keep reusable bags on hand

With many major stores boycotting single-use plastic bags, it pays to have a few reusable ones on hand. Roll up a couple of canvas or nylon bags into small bundles to save space and pack them in your bag so you don’t have to buy a new bag every shopping trip… or struggle without one. 

Earn 50 green points

  1. Pack a reusable coffee cup

An estimated 1 billion single-use hot drink cups are used in Australia every year. Even worse, though the plastic lids can go in the recycling bin, the cups are not recyclable; the paper cups are lined with a plastic film that means they can’t go in the recycling bin. The good news is that there are more reusable options than ever. Pack a cup in your bag for next time you grab a coffee – some cafés even offer a discount if you bring your own cup!

Earn 150 green points

  1. Avoid plastic water bottles

Filling up a reusable water bottle before you head out isn’t just good for the environment, it can save you loads of money in the long run (Australians spend more than half a billion dollars a year on bottled water!). Save even more and pair your reusable bottle with a bento box for a zero-waste lunch. 

Earn 150 green points

  1. Recycle your old devices

Phones, laptops and other e-waste contain many other harmful materials besides plastic and can’t go in normal bins. Fortunately, your old technology is also made up of precious metals and other materials that can be recycled. Find an e-waste drop off point to get rid of old tech that’s taking up space. 

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